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Reliable Indian Bentonite Manufacturers and Suppliers Worldwide

Sure Fluids is the most reliable Indian Bentonite manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. With our head office in Bhuj, Gujarat, we deliver premium quality products to domestic and international markets at cheap rates. Indian bentonite is apt for the construction, industrial, civil engineering sectors and many more. With several years in the bentonite business, we know the exact needs and requirements of our clients from various industries.

We maintain friendly customer service and are committed to providing quality pilling grade bentonite on all occasions. We stress quality because our business has become a huge success due to the quality of products we have been able to provide since our inception. We have a team to check the quality of our products, and they ensure that all our supplies meet the highest quality standards.

We have invested a handsome amount of money to set up and install bespoke equipment to extract, process and supply civil bentonite. Incorporation of the latest technology and equipment allows our technicians to easily manufacture and supply high-quality Indian bentonite. Our calibre and expertise in what we do help us to serve any amount of requirements of our clients at a time. Get in touch with us now, and we are more than happy to assist you today.

Sure Fluids โ€“ the Largest Sodium Bentonite Manufacturers in India

Sure Fluids is the largest sodium bentonite manufacturers in India. We own a state of the art infrastructure to produce and supply a large quantity of sodium and calcium bentonite for industrial purposes. Are you searching for reliable sodium bentonite suppliers? If so, your search ends with us. We are the industry leader and can provide you with sodium bentonite powder in large quantity at an amazingly low price. We fulfill the demands of our local as well as international clients with utmost precision and dedication.

Sodium bentonite is mainly composed of Montmorillonite and is highly colloidal. Montmorillonite in its original form has many other minerals, and bentonite is separated from it in our plant using highly sophisticated and modern tools and technology. The activated bentonite clay is useful for diverse industrial and manufacturing units. Construction of various slurry walls, drilling mud for oil wells, drilling for gas wells, waterproofing below-grade walls are some of the uses of sodium bentonite among many.

Sure Fluids is one of the renowned sodium bentonite manufacturers highly respected in the industry for the supply of quality products. Trained professionals, cheap rate and convenient mode of payments, full-proof packing and timely delivery make our services different from all our competitors.

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