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The Best Carboxy Methylcellulose Manufacturers and Suppliers

Sure Fluids is the best Carboxy Methylcellulose manufacturers and suppliers in India with the calibre to serve world markets. We are Bhuj; Gujarat based and has access to major cities in India and abroad. We also supply all grades of CMC polymer required for food production, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic production, toothpaste manufacturing units, ceramic industries, textile industries, paper production units, oil drilling and exploration activities. Being renowned CMC suppliers, we also have huge demands from detergent and welding electrodes manufacturing units.

As the leading CMC polymer manufacturer and supplier, we are aimed to supply consistent solutions to all our clients from various industries to aid their manufacturing activities. We have the expertise and experience to meet the quality standards required for various industries. We are the number one supplier of CMC polymer in the industry thanks to our dedication, hard work and a strong desire to serve our clients with quality products as per their requirements.


Carboxymethyl Cellulose Sodium (CMC) is a cellulose derivative obtained by chemically modification the natural cellulose. CMC is white and flowing fine powder. CMC is tasteless, smelless, mould-proof, non-toxic, non-flammable and easily dissolved in water to become transparent viscose solution.

The main purpose of using CMC Carboxymethylcellulose in drilling is:

    • Minimize water loss and control the fluid system.
    • Provides shale inhibition by preventing well bore against collapse due to their film forming properties.
    • Improves the cooling and lubricating properties of the drilling fluid.
    • Helps protect the thermal and biological stability of the fluid.

General Properties

API 13A ISO 13500-2001 Grade CMC for oil drilling liquids.

Type Specification
CMC – HVT Viscometer 600r/min. Distilled Water 30 Min.
40 gm/dm^3 brine 30 Min.
Saturated brine 30 Min.
Filtration Loss (ml) 10 Max.
CMC – LVT Viscometer 600r/min. 90 Max.
Filtration Loss (ml) 10 Max.


Packed in Multiply Paper Bags or Fiber Drums (25KG), or as per Customer requirement; Keep Dry.


We can also able to supply other Drilling Grade Na-CMC e.g. OCMA DECP 2/7, PAC HV/LV etc.

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