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HDD Drilling

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Sure Fluids is the reliable supplier of drilling fluid for HDD worldwide. We assure you of a steady supply of drilling fluid required for the smooth functions of your operations. We understand the needs and requirements of the industries we serve. Any interruption of your industrial activities will result in a huge loss. At Sure Fluids, we are the world leader in the production of HDD Bentonite. We also have a very reliable logistics network globally. We have set up numerous warehouses around the world to make the whole process of drilling fluid supply as easy as possible. Being one of the renowned drilling fluid suppliers, you can rely on us for quality products on time.

We have achieved a great name among the drilling fluid companies in India thanks to our hard work and dedication to what we undertake. We are the pioneer service among the drilling fluids companies to apply our vast knowledge to the industrial drilling industry. We do everything we can do to go beyond the expectations of our clients. Hence, we have installed an extensive quality control system in our mine site to packaging and distribution system. We conduct researches to constantly improve the quality of our products and meet the needs of our customers befittingly.

As a top-rated drilling fluid supplier, our products guarantee excellent drilling performance and superior expertise in well site servicing. Contact us today, and we can provide you with tailor-made products to suit your drilling requirements. We design and redesign products until our clients are fully satisfied. Our products are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Since our inception, we had steady growth, and now we are second to none among the drilling fluid manufacturers. We have a friendly and expert customer care team to assist you to choose the best products required for the drilling activities.



PILEBENT – 200 is sodium based polymer treated bentonite, design to meet the require rheological proper of many high tech drilling practices like as HDD, HDB, Micro Tunneling and other similar technology also recommended for all type of vertical drilling application.

Why PILEBENT – 200 ?

    • Clear cuttings from the bit face to surface.
    • Mixes quickly, ready to use instantly.
    • Support the cuttings when circulation stopped.
    • High share thinning fluid.
    • Cool and lubricate the bit and drill pipe.
    • Stabilize the formations.
    • Prevent loss circulation.
    • Provide buoyancy for support to the rod string and casing.
    • Resistance against contaminated water.
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