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The Globally Trusted PHPA Mud Suppliers in India

Sure Fluids is the globally trusted PHPA Mud Suppliers in India. We manufacture, supply and export oil drilling chemicals to industries that require them. Our products are specially treated to provide the best results when applied for various industrial activities. The PAC polymer work as the agent to prevent fluid loss. We are a well-known company with great popularity in India and abroad. Being the leading PHPA Mud suppliers, we ensure that our products control fluid loss and increase viscosity. The PHA Mud we supply can work efficiently with freshwater, seawater, saturated saltwater mud etc.

As the industry leader and most sought after PAC polymer suppliers, we ensure that our products meet the required standards required for various industrial activities. You can use them effectively for all types of excavation activities. As we own mines and production plants, we can meet demands for large quantities of drilling fluid gel throughout the year. We have equipped ourselves with all the modern facilities to support every activity of our functions. We enjoy a unique reputation among the PHPA Mud suppliers as we meet the requirements and expectations of our clients in the best way possible. If you are looking for reliable PAC polymer suppliers, you are in the right place.


SF-PHPA is a co-polymer of anionic character and high molecular weight. It is a water-soluble polymer, which is primarily used as a highly efficient fluid loss reducer, viscosifier and protective colloid for shale’s and cutting in fresh water, calcium, sodium brines and KCL mud systems. It is compatible with most of the drilling fluid products,biopolymers, PAC, CMC etc. It maintains whole stability by preventing shale swelling and erosion.

General Properties

Sr. No. Particulars Standard Specification
1 Degree of Ion (%) 25-30%
2 Molecular Weight (Million) 18-21
3 Density (G/cm^3) Min. 0.6
4 PH Value 4-10
5 Water Insoluble Matter Max. 0.1%
6 Dissolving Time (Minutes) Max. 15 Minutes
7 Appearance White Powder

Salient Features:

    • Eco-friendly.
    • Excellent cuttings encapsulator to suppress cuttings dispersion.
    • High molecular weight PHPA with KCl salt is particularly effective as Anti-clay swelling agent.
    • Provides improved shale stabilization.
    • Lower toxicity than invert emulsion liquid PHPA polymers.
    • Effective at low dosage.
    • Cost competitive.


25 KG/PE Bag or Kraft Bag.

Shelf Life:

2 Years.


Store in sealed, Dry and Ventilated Place.

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