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“Surefoam” is a unique blend of water based foamed surfactants, which produces stable consistent foam with less w/v ratio. It is mainly an anionic blend of proper HLB no, capable of suspending and transporting of drill cuttings out of the tunnel.

In situation with varying geology “Surefoam” along with PHPA/PAC and Pilewell or combination of both can be put into use to make it stiffer.

Out of many there are some advantages of using “Surefoam” in Air-foam drilling:

    • Very Dense foam with less air.
    • Better half-life of the foam.
    • Stable in variable water condition like hard, brackish, and saltwater condition.
    • It is biodegradable.
    • Excellent in reactive clay formation.

General Properties

    • Color – light yellow to transparent
    • PH (1%) – 6.8-7.1
    • Sp. Gravity – 1.01-1.02

Recommendation to Use:

Simply add 55 kg SF – 110 in 1000 ltr. fresh water to get 40 second marsh viscosity.

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