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Water Well Drilling

The Leading Manufacturers of Drilling Mud Bentonite in India and Abroad

Sure Fluids, the reliable Manufacturers of drilling mud bentonite is well-known all over the world for the distribution of quality products. We serve a wide range of industries with drilling fluid bentonite. Our team has several years of experience and varied expertise to meet the requirements of every industry that rely on us for quality products. We have well-established bentonite pulverizing plants to provide any amount of bentonite for oil well drilling. We serve both domestic and international markets and have the calibre to serve any number of clients and orders from any parts of the world. We have installed state of the art facilities to extract, process and supply quality drilling mud bentonite as per the demands of our clients. We have access to major seaports and aerodromes in India so that we can send all orders on time.

Our products meet the required quality standards set by various industries domestically and internationally. We are a customer-oriented service and are well-equipped to meet the quality that our clients expect from us. Being the leading drilling fluid & mud bentonite manufacturers, our products help the drilling operations a huge success.


PILEBENT -100 is a premium grade sodium activated bentonite suitable for oil and water well drilling, it is also recommended for mineral exploration and other similar application. The typical YIELD is approx 100 BBL.

How to Use:

  • Simply add 55 kg PILEBENT -100 in 1000 ltr. fresh water to get 40 second marsh viscosity.


  • Almost zero sedimentation.
  • Good Gel strength to float cuttings.
  • Fine Powder, Less free silica.
  • One Bag slurry, instant use no need for ageing.
  • Customize Packing.


PILEBENT -120 is premium sodium activated Bentonite suitable to use Diaphragm walling, Board pilling, Slurry trench cut off and other similar technology, superb wall holding capacity ensure minimal collapse. The Yield of this product is 120 BBL.

How to Use:

  • Simply add 47 kg PILEBENT -120 in 1000 ltr. fresh water to get 40 second marsh viscosity.


  • Instant thixotropic gel.
  • Good Yield point to carry cutting.
  • Lubricate and cool drill bit.
  • One bag slurry for many applications.
  • Near zero collapse.
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